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The last September 23 the autumn arrived and with this new season also has arrived the new tendencies in decoration. If you are thinking about redecorate or renovate your home, keep these suggestions in mind.

  1. Crystal Pane Enclosures

It is a perfect system to isolate environments without sacrificing the space and the natural light.

  1. Green Walls

This Fall it is indispensable to paint the walls in green and give them a vegetal touch, because this colour provides harmony, balance and calm.

  1. Highlight the Kitchen

The intention is to become this place in the epicentre of home. To that end, you can use bold colours, unusual architectural shapes and fanciful structures.

  1. Shelf Behind the Headboard

The key is to get more room in the dormitory and use that space as a storage and decoration place.

  1. Desk without legs

Following the same philosophy, the desk that hangs from the wall pretend to save space, because it can be set up on any corner.

  1. Braid chairs

Previously we spoke about the coming back of the cannage and now we are witnesses of the return of another traditional braid techniques.


Erakus can advise you during the whole creation and design process. Visit our website where you can obtain more information.