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In the office we spend many hours of our life, as many as in our home, so having a cozy atmosphere to feel good is very important. In this way, design, architecture and interior design play a fundamental role in creating comfortable spaces with soul.

In fact, most office workers recognize that an attractive and functional workplace generates greater productivity and the desire to stay in the same job. Thus, from Erakus we want to give you some practical advices to improve the atmosphere of your office, whether you are willing to carry out major reforms or if you are looking for recommendations that do not require big changes.

Natural light 

We must always seek, as far as possible, that natural light floods the workspace. The best is the diffused light that occurs when the sun's rays pass through a blanket of clouds, so you also have to pay attention to direct sunlight because it can be excessive.

A good trick is zoning the space according to the activity that is developed, the more active the task is performed, the greater lighting should have.

Psychology of color

Color not only has a practical function, it can cool or heat an interior depending on its level of absorption of the sun's rays, but it is also loaded with a whole series of symbolic nuances.

The colors cause us a series of concrete sensations given naturally and culturally learned. So, if you are looking for a low level of stress and take better advantage of natural light, it is interesting to opt for neutral colors and light tones that flood the office with more light; then you can choose a series of more vivid complementary colors that produce a more dynamic effect; If, on the contrary, you want to accentuate productivity, you just have to invert that color palette.

Health and sustainability

You should look for a comfortable and ergonomic way and position of work, you have to pay attention from how we sit in the chair to what furniture is suitable for each position. In addition, if your case is that of a small office, you have to opt for flexible furniture that adapts to the space to get the most out of it.

Simplifying space and choosing a minimalist style has many benefits in an office. As well as choosing natural and recycled materials that give off a positive image of commitment and environmental responsibility towards the user and the client. In the same way you have to take care of the air quality and thermal comfort of the office, to get a healthy and productive employees and space.