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Autumn has already begun this month, so it is time to prepare our home at a technical level to face times of rain and cold, and emotionally to regulate the biorhythms, since it is the season in which we return to the interior of our home, when the days get darker

It is the ideal time to check heating systems such as boilers, stoves and fireplaces, as well as all kinds of exterior drains, sinks and gutters; since we have to be prepared for low temperatures and rains.

First, the trend in colors for the coming months is basically 3: the olive green that conveys peace and relaxation, the white that never goes out of fashion, and the soft yellow that transmits positivity.

Another issue to consider is the choice of textiles and materials because the most important will be the velvet, synonymous with elegance and warmth; of course, without neglecting other materials such as bamboo, rattan or wicker.

Finally, the Mid Century style will be imposed among others, which is defined by using a classic and discreet look with clear lines of organic and geometric shapes. Functionality must take precedence over the form, in addition the space must be clear and minimize ornamentation.