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Experts say that in 2019 we will say goodbye to some trends and styles while new ones will arrive. So that, we have prepared a short article where we provide a few advices for decoration and interior design.

First, we start with the color palette that will determine a large part of the home decoration; well, these colors become increasingly natural and less saturated. In the same way, the materials are wood and natural stone, even with cement and concrete in sight.

In terms of fabrics, corduroy and velvet stand out, although sustainable textiles such as wool, cotton and linen with different patterns will predominate in 2019. Finally, mention that the plants return to the interior of the home to obtain great prominence in the form of vertical gardens, whether they are alive or dry.

We hope that the trend of sustainable decoration is set to stay, because it treats the case of sustainability in interior design from the environmental, social and economic, in order to solve the most serious problems that face the planet as the exploitation of resources, pollution or inequality.