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In these difficult times when we have to be locked up at home, it may be the best time to spend time to think about your home. For this reason, from Erakus we want to give you some brief tips to rethink each area of your home and design a better environment to live.

First of all, we will start with the work area and desktop since many will have to continue working from home. The main thing is to clear the table and drawers of those articles and papers that you do not need, to leave space only for what is essential.

Then there is the bedroom, which should become a place of peace, tranquility and disconnection; especially now that we need to distance ourselves for a while from everything that is happening to recharge and face a new day.

Next on the list is the living room, which has become the meeting place for the whole family and where we spend time together, playing, chatting and living; thus, it is essential that the place is comfortable and invites communication, so it must be kept orderly and well illuminated.

Now we go to the kitchen, a space that we are giving a higher performance and is supporting more intensive functionality; in this way it is important to get rid of those objects that we do not use daily to obtain a less chaotic place. In addition, the fact of ordering and selecting utensils and products, will give us a clearer vision of what we have and what we need.

And last but not least, there is the bathroom. Proper hygiene has become one of the methods to fight coronavirus, consequently having a clean, functional and tidy bathroom is a guarantee. Again, get rid of the unnecessary and, as a tip, each member of the house must have their own area with their products grouped.