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The workspaces have evolved from parceled, vertical, isolated, cold places ... to offices with more communication, more open concept, horizontal, where the synergies between colleagues and departments are of great importance.

In this way, it is necessary to turn these spaces into comfortable places as if they were a home through interior design, furniture, distribution and finishes. All this contributes to a better teamwork and a friendlier environment for the client, which translates into greater productivity and benefits.

Some of the characteristics of this concept of Home Office are:

- It promotes the autonomy of the worker, because the space is able to adjust to the rhythms that each one needs, determining each individual which is the best way to work in each moment.

- Creates spontaneous and informal meeting environments as happens in homes, around high tables, armchairs, etc. but without leaving aside, the traditional meeting rooms that are fundamental for certain communications.

- An isolation booth when it is necessary to raise the voice as in telephone calls or videoconferences, that is, a place to not be disturbed and not to disturb the rest.

- A rest area where work is suspended to be able to disconnect for a moment to clear the mind.

- Combines natural light with a more yellowish artificial light that impacts positively the mood and concentration of workers.

- A vegetation that offers colour and beauty to the space, makes any environment more homely place.