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It is very important to know the trends that change the world of fair trade every year to stand out from the rest of the spaces and not go unnoticed in the sea of ​​exhibitors. Therefore, we have prepared a short list of the main trends in the design of stands for this year 2019.

Private space

If the exhibitor has a private place where the interested people can ask their questions in a quiet place, professional meetings can be arranged.

Virtual reality

Using VR to present the company makes, a memorable and dynamic experience; which translates into a better brand image.

Lights and shadows

Give importance to the games of light and shadow can create an attractive and striking space. In addition, if monitors are added, the effect is very memorable.

Humanize space

It is interesting to appeal to the emotions, feelings and imagination of the attendees, using different textures, colours and projections that capture their attention. You can even play with curiosity and mystery, making people "peek" at the stand to discover more.

Like at home

Related to the previous point, we must bear in mind that the assistants are in a new environment with a lot of activity and excitement; Therefore, offering a place where they can be comfortable, calm and relaxed, will attract a greater number of people.


Having a space on the stand so that attendees can make fun selfies, ensures a greater impact on social networks and the fair, since you offer people a moment of entertainment while they are working.